Wedding Photographer in Venice

We create wedding photo shoots with videos in Venice

Venice does not need any introduction: it is one of the most visited city by photographers from all over the world and has been chosen by many many couples as a precious and romantic setting for weddings and wedding photography services.

However, if you are thinking about the photos of your wedding, as a photographer I can tell you that Venice is too often immortalized in a banal way, imprisoned in “postcard” views. 

Wedding Photographer in Venice

Venice is a place that gives its best shots only to the wedding photographer who has studied in advance the particularities of light, very different in the various seasons of the year, which from time to time can make this or that detail magic, whilst if captured at the wrong moment, would appear flat, unexciting.

Venice offers the opportunity to portray the spouses in its most famous and popular places, starting from Piazza San Marco, where every day thousands of photographs are taken by tourists from all over the world; but as often happens to me as a wedding photographer, I often find the newlyweds enthusiast to get out of the busiest tourist routes, and discover the magical and beautiful views that are the setting for unique, never banal and sophisticated wedding photos, the result of years of commitment to find new ways to portray the love of two spouses.Venice is a city that always manages to find something new to communicate and to give to lovers. In these more “hidden” environments I also like to record beautiful video clips that will constitute a vivid and exciting memory of your most beautiful day.

Whether it’s photos immersed in scenes of everyday life typical and peculiar of Venice or more classic photos in the streets of the Old Town, for the estimators it is a city that has very few rivals in Italy and in the world.

Wedding Photographer in Venice - Burano
Wedding reporter in Venice

Why choose Venice for your wedding photo reportage?

The reasons can be many, such as the desire to immerse yourself in a city that is a symbol of Italian artistic and cultural heritage or, for the most exuberant spouses, even the thrill of being portrayed in a place chosen by countless VIPs to spend the most beautiful day in their life.

Often, however, there is an even stronger, beautiful and romantic reason: to immortalize the memory of a day spent in Venice a few years earlier, perhaps when you were just engaged, and saw their most important love born.

About your wedding photo album taken in Venice, I can assure you it will be one of the best choices you can make, for both the quality and the amount of possibilities for photographs and videos, and also for the magic experienced by spouses and their guests: truly unforgettable.

If you are interested in a photo or wedding video service for your wedding reportage in Venice (Italy), do not hesitate to contact me, so as to evaluate together the possibilities offered by Venice during your wedding period and to draw up a simple estimate without commitment.

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