Wedding Photographer in Ferrara

Ferrara city of Renaissance

Ferrara is a small art city where it’s possible to discover the beauty of the Renaissance simply by walking through the streets of the center.

The architectural wonders are a source of inspiration for numerous photo shoots.

The Este family ruled the city for centuries and commissioned architects and artists to build buildings and urban details, combining the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Wedding Photographer in Ferrara - Castello Estense

Photographic interest’s location is certainly the Estense Castle where it is possible to frame the couple in the historical beauty, or the exteriors with the games of fountains and the towers that overlook the city. Another location of photographic relevance is the Orange Garden, created according to the ideals of courtly culture.

The Palazzo dei Diamanti, so named starting from the marble ashlar that makes up the facade, is certainly a symbol of the city and is an excellent place to take special photographs.

Examples of scenographic places also from a natural point of view are the parks and the walls surrounding Ferrara, Casa del Boia and Piazza delle Medaglie where we can organize shooting for our married couples in a romantic way.

Wedding photographer in Comacchio

Wedding photographer in Comacchio, the little Venice

Comacchio is a small seaside town characterized by the presence of bridges and canals that give it the name of Little Venice.

The center can be visited by walk or with the batana, typical narrow boat, which navigate the canals of the town.

Trepponti and Palazzo Bellini, a nineteenth-century building that houses the Civic Library and the Historical Archive, are location where we usually create shooting for our newlyweds to enhance the architectural beauty of the little Venice.
Moving along the coast, we find the valleys and the natural charm of the beach and the sea that allows us to create suggestive and romantic shots.

With Our wedding video creation service we also make wedding videos, to capture all the magic of the most beautiful day in the splendid setting of Ferrara and the enchanting places of its province.