Social Media Wedding Concierge

We share emotions

Imagine your wedding day: your dress, happiness in your face and love surround you, but something is still missing: the panache that the guests will give you by participating in your day!

Yes, because marriage is also a party and the soul of the party are the guests: friends, relatives, colleagues. The true meaning of their presence is only one: sharing the emotions of your day.

You have the opportunity to increase this extraordinary sharing moment taking advantage to technology and devices to share an image or a video with every people in the world.

What Social Media Wedding Concierge is?

Simple: in addition to the wedding photo shoot, we support social media coverage of the entire event, creating Instagram stories immediately online, complete with interactive elements!

With the Social Media Wedding Concierge, we introduce a new way of living the wedding day, starting with the guests who with their smartphone can already share photos, write posts and like!

Everything changes: the guests can already see some stolen shots of the preparations before the ceremony, as well as immediately review the most relevant scenes of the ceremony during the reception. Photos and videos become the way to relive those moments right away, just when everyone is still immersed in the festive atmosphere!
When the wedding becomes social, the wedding is also a real Live!

A fantastic service first of all for the newlyweds.

Every time we receive important feedback: there are are hundreds of likes, messages, replies, posts, shares! We can affirm that it is a real success, first of all for the newlyweds!

Another reason why the Social Media Wedding Concierge is amazing for the newlyweds? Instead of having to wait for the technical times for the layout and printing of the album, the couple can already see the first shots from the next day, perhaps during their honeymoon.
Isn’t it great to be able to relive those moments immediately?

Look at some examples below and imagine what we can do to make your wedding day even more sharing.

Here some stories on Instagram