Pregnancy New Photo – Ideas and Creativities

Dear, future mothers, we are pleased to present you a brand new Pregnancy photo format.

If you already put a like to the previous article (which you find at the end of the article), here is a brand new Gallery just edited by our staff, with photographs of our studies between Ferrara and Lagosanto and various locations outside.

Clicking on the gallery below will open the automatic scrolling of all the photos

The new format includes the use of many accessories of your future baby, so as to characterize the shot if boy or girl, the use of various tools to give a sense of romance to shooting and the study of innovative shots based on the project photographic to be realized:

  • pregnancy project fine art
  • pregnancy project of a couple with a partner / husband
  • pregnancy family project with partner and child
  • pregnancy project in outdoor locations (sea, beach and countryside) with lights of our exclusive production

As you will see in the gallery above thanks to the study and continuous research of ideas and situations that lead to enhance our creativity, every future mother will have a dedicated photographic project.

Pregnant foto on the beach – Foto Express Ferrara

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  • 16 November 2018