Destination Wedding in Italy and abroad – Mauritius at Troux Aux Biches – Magic Photo

You will probably be wondering why you should choose a photographer away from your city.

Foto Express has its headquarters in Ferrara, but it aims to follow you for your wedding throughout Italy and abroad.

Mauritius Wedding – Foto Troux Aux Biches

Instead, the REAL QUESTION is:

Why for our wedding, a unique and unrepeatable day we have been planning for months, should we be content ourself with a photographer who does not convince us completely or with less experience just because he is close to home?

Photographs, albums and videos are the indelible and concrete memory of your fullfillment love, which is what will make you smile and remember your day even in the post-delirium of the wedding and the images are what will remain in the years to the future generations.

If you still have doubts, we will show you how we can effectively deal with your marriage.

If you can not come to one of our studios, the planning of the day will be organized through periodic skypecalls. Technology involves every aspect of our everyday life and it’s a validally.

Mauritius Wedding – Foto Troux Aux Biches

We will arrive in the location you have chosen in advance in order to know the beauties in your area and prepare the set for shooting.

Finally, remember:
if you are reading this proposal it means that you’ve looked at our shots, they have intrigued and touch your, so you also would a service with our stylistic cut.

Then forget the voice in your head saying:
“Better avoid, I’m too far away, it would be too complicated.”

Let yourself be guided by our professionalism and experience, our ability to make you feel comfortable and make your most beautiful day unforgettable.

Martina and Massimo from Italy are departed for Mauritius for their wedding at sunset on the beach of Troux aux Biches.

Mauritius Wedding – Foto Troux Aux Biches

From Venice to Mauritius through Paris we landed on 16 february, to follow all the various site inspections.

Mauritius Wedding – Foto Troux Aux Biches

17 the day of the wedding we were grossed a shooting unique … starting from various backstage, through the ceremony on the beach coming to photos romantic sunset on the beach of Troux aux Biches.

Mauritius Wedding – Foto Troux Aux Biches

Simply magical.


Wedding reportage of  Martina e Massimo.

Location Ceremony: Resort Troux Aux Biches (Beachcomber) 

(Troux Aux Biches – Mauritius Island).

Wedding Party: Private cupple’s dinner on the beach by candlelight

Post wedding photos: Reportage on the Troux Aux Biches beach, photo on catamaran and boat.

Extreme wedding photo: Under water photo on the reef between the fishes.

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  • 14 March 2017