Maternity Photography: Pregnancy and Newborn

Frequently asked questions about Pregnancy Photography

What is the best time for Pregnancy Photography?

There is no better time than another, but it is usually done around the 30th week of pregnancy, when “the belly” is more evident.

Is it possible to take pictures outdoors?

Sure, it’s actually our specialty! We perform studio photography, but why not take advantage of our beaches, our countryside and open spaces to make every photography truly unique? For years we have specialized in the use of the most suitable technologies to carry out photographic services in a comfortable way and without giving up the quality that is obtained on the set.

How much does the Pregnancy Photography service cost?

Less than you think, contact us for a free quote!

Frequently asked questions about Newborn Photography

How many weeks after giving birth is it advisable to do the photo shoot?

The ideal is to do the service within the first 20 days after the birth, because the sleep / wake cycle is such that the child is not disturbed and it is possible to manage it better on the set.

Do you use “props” during the service?

Yes, we use “disposable” props for reasons of safety and hygiene. Naturally it is possible to use objects brought by the parents.

Do we need to bring the clothes for the child or baby?

Yes, we suggest parents to bring the clothes of their choice, to ensure that the scene reflects their taste and, above all, to make that shot truly unique. We certainly wouldn’t like to make all the pictures look the same!

Can pets also be photographed?

Of course, we don’t want to make them jealous any more! ;-D Joking aside, it is absolutely possible to bring your pet and portray it with the child, to capture them together in a shot that will have a lot to tell in later years!

How much does the Newborn Photography service cost?

Less than you think, contact us for a free quote!