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Not just a wedding photographer

The style that describes our work is the storytelling, which aims to tell emotions, to capture the eyes and to impress the sensations in order to create memories with a reportage cut.

Narrative photography arises from the need to record non-verbal communication, to describe places and to capture the most emotionally significant moments.

Visual Storytelling allows us to use shots, images and videos to create an empathic communication which involves the newlyweds when they will look at their wedding albums and videos.

Of course we always offer some shots posed, framing the couple in the beauty of the surrounding location.

In addition to the wedding day, it is possible to organize a shooting before the day of the event (elopement) in order to break every embarrassment between us and the couple, making the wedding shots even more focused on the newlyweds’ emotions.
The shooting following the wedding day (trash the dress) is entirely dedicated to romantic photos without worrying about ruining the dress or entertaining the guests. It is a way to extend the magical moment of marriage.

Italian Wedding Photographer in Ferrara

We are able to take care of the shot, post-production and final processing of the photo album as we have an internal laboratory within the company.

The attention to detail, the “reportage style” and the willing to satisfy the desires of couples, lead the studio’s professionals to create very different, innovative and non-standard albums, with images of unique weddings.

Wedding Photographer Pierluigi Cavalieri Brentani

We capture your emotions since 1990

My name is Pier and I am the Director of Foto Express.
From an early age, I was absorbed in the world of photography as my parents had a photographic laboratory in Lido degli Estensi.
The passion for the shots, the light and the personal representation of reality brought me in Florence where I attended Leonardo Maniscalchi’s Academy of Photography.

Years of technical training, passion and love for photography helped me to develop our small shop in a real photographic studio, and after that , opening other two studios with photographic sets.

World of wedding became my primary field of interest. I’m always looking for techniques that highlight the emotional aspect without forcing reality and developing the art of visual storytelling and the reportage style.

As photographer my aim is to underline the people’s emotion, so I tried to travel as much as possible to be influenced by different cultures I met and get inspiration for new shots from very different natural elements.

My wife Anna Lisa accompanies me in this amazing journey and, in addition to photographing, she communicates with our customers in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Anna Lisa e Pierluigi - Wdding Photographer in Italy - FotoExpress

Wedding Locations and Services

Wedding in Venezia

We provide wedding photography and video services in the city of Venice

Fotografo matrimonio Ferrara

Wedding video making

We make professional wedding videos, using the drone for aerial shots

Wedding locations in Italy

We follow the bride and groom throughout Italy by planning the photo shoot down to the smallest detail

Fotoreporter matrimonio per destination wedding

We follow you in every part of the world

We have been dealing with destination wedding both in Italy and abroad also working with foreign couple.
We organize your wedding day through periodic skypecall or in one of our studio: this can help us to understand your needs and your wedding dream.
We will arrive in the location you have chosen some days before the event to know the natural beauties and to prepare the set in which take the photo shoot.

Photos in pregnancy

Pregnancy Photography and New Born

New Born Photography

In this kind of shooting we meet Life.
We create set and we take photos in the most delicate way possibile, preferring neutral backgrounds and only little accessories.
Our aim is to capture the natural new parents’ happiness and to bring out the beauty of the baby a few weeks after birth.



Children photos - New born photography
New born photography
New born photography
Fotografo newborn - pregnancy photography ferrara
Fotografo newborn - fotografia neonati ferrara